How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Play Set

May 20, 2020

With so many options available, choosing the perfect outdoor play set can be very daunting.

To help make your life a little easier, we compiled a checklist of five things to consider when shopping for your future swing set.

High-Quality Materials and Construction

Safety should always come first when shopping for a swing set. While this often comes with a higher price-tag, it is almost always worth it in the end. Safe and secure swing and play sets rely on high-quality construction and materials. At Green Tree Woodworks, our swing sets are designed and built by skilled craftsman. We craft our sets out of No. 1 Grade Southern Yellow Pine that is pressure-treated and kiln dried. It is then molded to a smooth surface, to ensure no rough edges. Our plastics are constructed out of durable, heat-resistant plastic, to protect your child from burns, and our swing sets are designed with wide bases and anchors to keep them secure on the ground. 

Space, Size and Location

Your household’s perfectly sized swing set will maximize outdoor fun without taking up the entire backyard—keep in mind, children need room to run and play as well. You will want to consider the ground’s levelness and to ensure there is enough clearance room around the structure, free from property lines and/or fences, trees, electrical wires, etc. Lastly, depending on your child or children’s ages, you may want to pick a spot which is visible from inside of your home to keep an eye on them.

Age Appropriateness

Swing sets and play sets have a wide variety of features to choose from, however, not all options are appropriate for all ages. While features like swings, slides and playhouses are good for all children, older children will gravitate more toward elements of adventure, such as monkey bars, a rock wall, or rope ladder. Furthermore, while age appropriateness is important, you also want to ensure you choose a set that your child can grow into and to consider the amount of children who will be playing at once on the set. This is an investment, so you want to make sure it’s not something they outgrow too quickly.

Personality and Interests

Make sure to consider your child’s interest and personality before choosing a swing set. A swing set full of features, such as a fireman’s pole, rock wall/cargo net, trapeze and rope bridge might be more suitable for kids who seeks adventure and like to jump from one thing to the next, while a play house is the perfect option for a child who prefers a space where they can gather with friends or read a book. 

Customer Service

Lastly, when purchasing any product or service, exceptional customer service should always be key. Make sure to read reviews and discuss important questions, such as delivery, setup and warranties with a sales representative. At Green Tree Woodworks, we strive to ensure our customers have received the highest-level of service possible. Whether you are looking for a pre-designed set, or a custom build, our team is with you during each and every step to ensure all of your needs are met. Furthermore, we offer competitive pricing, same-day responses, delivery and on-site building services to ensure your set is properly constructed.

Green Tree Woodworks offers a variety of pre-designed swing sets and play sets for you to choose from. We also offer the ability to customize your selections — from swings to slides to tunnels — to make your custom build as unique as your child is! Explore our models or check out our customizable features. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.

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