The Five Key Benefits of Playing Outside

May 4, 2020

After spending the past few weeks at home social distancing, you are probably finding that your kids are getting restless and bored of their everyday indoor activities. Without a clear end of this quarantine in sight, it is important to keep our minds positive and our bodies busy. A Green Tree Woodworks outdoor swing set is the perfect solution to get your kids outside and keep them there! Plus, there are so many benefits that aid in their health and well-being!

Five Key Benefits:

  1. Creativity and Exploration. Outdoor play is unstructured. It inspires kids to explore and learn about the world around them. Unlike watching television and playing video games, they can take risks (in which they can learn from) and are required to use their imagination as the leading source for entertainment.
  2. Learning and Personal Development. There are endless possibilities for learning while playing outside. Playing outdoor games can help improve a child’s attention span and strengthens gross and fine motor skills. Children often develop problem-solving abilities and an understanding for nature while improving upon their social and communication skills.
  3. Health and Well-Being. Studies show that kids burn more calories outside. All of the running, jumping and climbing helps build muscle mass and increases cardiovascular endurance. In addition, Vitamin D from the sun plays an important role in helping the body absorb calcium, fight infections and promote better sleeping patterns.
  4. Independence and Problem-Solving. Being outside of the restraints of your home helps advance a child’s sense of independence. Although you are probably keeping a close eye on them, being outside allows a child the chance to explore and test their abilities. How high can I swing today? Can I make it across the monkey bars?
  5. Time for You. We understand how trying this unique time can be physically, mentally and emotionally. We also know your kids are your top priority, but when they are busy outside, it’s important for you to enjoy some much-needed time to attend to your own well-being.

Green Tree Woodworks offers a variety of pre-designed swing sets and play sets for you to choose from. We also offer the ability to customize your selections — from swings to slides to tunnels — make your custom build as unique as your child is! Explore our models or check out our customizable features. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.

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